Connecting To Panic’s Transmit Favorites From The Command Line

I am a fan of running my apps my own way. Sometimes, I want to be able to write a shell script around an action, or just have an alias to run a command from the command line. Whatever the reason, I like to tinker, and recently I needed a way to connect directly into one of my Transmit favorites from the command line.

The Favorites

My first stop was to find out where and how Transmit stores the favorites. Transmit’s favorites are stored here:

/Users/***USERNAME***/Library/Application Support/Transmit/Metadata/

Where ***USERNAME*** is your username. Each .favoriteMetadata file in that directory is a favorite you have stored (or a duplicate or autosave of a favorite). You can edit them and get an idea of what they are used for, or you can just connect to each one individually to figure it out.

The Command

The command to load a favorite into Transmit automatically is as follows:

/Applications/Transmit.app/Contents/MacOS/Transmit /Users/***USERNAME***/Library/Application Support/Transmit/Metadata/***FILENAME***.favoriteMetadata

It really is as simple as that. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to leave a comment, or shoot me an email using the contact page.