RSS Club

Shhhhhh! This post is for RSS subscribers only. Look here for more information (and to join in on the fun).


About a month back, I subscribed to Dave Rupert's RSS feed and noticed that there were a handful of posts that didn't exist on his website. Turns out, Dave has created something called RSS Club that provides RSS-only content. In his words:

It's like a newsletter delivered to your feed reader in order to celebrate the medium of RSS and breakaway from social media.

I love this.

Amazingly, a number of writers I already follow have joined RSS club (even though I somehow have failed to notice their RSS-only posts), and I am thrilled to join their ranks. So, to kick things off, consider this my very first post in RSS Club, and for the sake of clarity, I feel like I should end it with the three rules of RSS Club:

  • 1st rule of RSS Club is "Don't Talk About RSS Club".
  • 2nd rule of RSS Club is "Don't Share on Social Media".
  • 3rd rule of RSS Club is "Provide Value".

Oh! And for the record, this blog runs on Jekyll, so I just followed Dave's guidance on this page with one minor tweak:

{% if page.rss_only %}
  <!-- don't index rss club posts -->
  <meta name="robots" content="noindex" />
{% endif %}

If the posts are for RSS feeds only, I don't want them being discovered and indexed by all of the search engines of the world, so I added a noindex meta tag to my RSS-only headers too.

Simple, but effective.


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