New Job, Who Dis?

So I'm starting a new job, and for the first time in what feels like an eternity, I am very excited! While I learned a lot about managing people at Liqid, and how to thrive in a high-growth startup at Automox before it, I have an opportunity to go back to my "roots" and join in on an early stage startup. Like... really early stage.

It's been years since I worked at a true startup, and I cannot wait. When a company hits a certain size, 120+ people or so, it ceases to feel like a "startup," and instead starts to coalesce into a "medium sized business." Not quite "small," not quite "large." Just... somewhere in the middle.

Some companies take this transition in stride, retaining much of their original culture and constantly testing the limits of how far you can push the phrase "we're still like a startup." Other companies, though... not so much. That evolution from "move fast and break stuff" to "slow the fuck down, we're breaking stuff" is a tough one, and often results in over-rotating on things like "process" and "meetings" (gross).

Now I get to take everything I've learned in my career—the good, the bad, and the beautiful—and build something great with it. I'm nervous, but excited, and no matter how it turns out, it's going to be a goddamn adventure!


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