Goodbye, Gopher

It's 2023 now, and one of my themes for the year is simplification. I've let life get too chaotic, so I'm making some moves to reduce my cognitive load, one of which is reducing the amount of digital infrastructure I rely on and manage. So, it is with a heavy heart that I announce the immediate retirement of my personal gopherhole.

I have really enjoyed experimenting with the gopher protocol—and bending Jekyll to my will to actually serve up my phlog—but in the move to managed hosting for my personal website, gopher simply didn't make the cut. If Cloudflare ever decides to support non-HTTP protocols in their Pages product, then I may come back to it some day. But for now... it's time to say farewell.

Also, because I don't have any sort of analytics set up, I have no idea if anyone has ever actually visited my gopherhole—I suspect very few have—but if you're one of those rare passersby, I thank you for you support, and hope you stick around with me on the World Wide Web! I'm not one to throw away perfectly good content, so in the interest of preservation, all of the posts have been migrated to the RSS club on this blog.


This is post 028 of #100DaysToOffload