Artificial Poetry

ChatGPT is all the rage lately. Personally, I haven't played with it too much, mostly thanks to my inner-hipster, but after getting into the Notion AI beta program, I've been having a lot more fun with it than I probably should.

Now, I should note that I'm not an AI fatalist. I don't believe that artifical intelligence is going to end the world, or make all of our jobs obsolete, but I do think that there is tremendous value in learning how to work with it rather than burying my head in the sand and hoping it will go away (it won't).

The one thing I've learned so far using tools like Notion AI and GitHub Copilot is that AI isn't a replacement for personal experience and good sense. You can use these tools blindly, but the results will be sub-par at best. Use them with careful, deliberate consideration, though? Now that's powerful.

So, as an experiment, I spent some time working with Notion AI to generate poems about very specific topics, in the style of different poets. The results have been just this side of unsettling, but the potential for what can be accomplished is very excisting.


Prompt: A poem about cybersecurity in the style of Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky"

Twas cyber security and the wily hackers, All phishin' and spoofin' in the dark. All the data breaches, and all the crackers Makin' havoc with malware and malware sparks. The "secure" passwords, they all were forgotten, The firewalls were weak and the patches were rotten. The data stolen, and the accounts were hacked, The users were clueless, their networks attacked. "Beware the Cyberwocky, my son! The jaws that bite, the claws that catch! Beware the hackers and their tricks, And shun the frumious cyber-snicks!" He took his VPN shield and his sword of encryption, Long time the cyberwocky he sought. So he stood and shouted and waved his protection, "And hast thou slain the cyberwocky? Come! Thou hast fought!"

Ode to PHP

Prompt: A poem about the PHP programming glanguage in the style of William Shakespeare

The power of PHP, 'tis like a spell, That drives my webpages to fare so well. A language of convenience, grand and bold, Delivering wonders, as it did of old. A symphony of logic, so wondrously heard, Away with tedious tasks, to code we need not be stirred.

Social Media Fish

Prompt: A poem about the problem of social media addiction in the style of Dr. Seuss's "One Fish, Two Fish"

One Fish, two Fish, Staring at a screen, Swiping and scrolling, No time in between. Tapping and liking, No time to think, Posting and sharing, On the brink of a sink. Away from the world, Eyes glued to the phone, No time for adventures, Alone in our home. So take a break, Put away the phone, Go out and explore, Before you are done.

Robot Dad

Prompt: A nursery rhyme about the challenges of being a cybernetic parent to two human children

Robot Dad had two children, One small, one tall, He'd play with them, and love them, But he couldn't do it all. Robot Dad didn't understand, Why his kids would cry, So he'd stop and think, And wonder why. He'd try to learn their feelings, And understand their needs, But it's not like he had parents, To show him what to do and lead. Robot Dad was the best he could be, Even if he made mistakes, He'd keep on trying, For his children's sake.

App of Dreams

Prompt: An 80s power ballad about developing an iPhone application, in the standard verse/chorus/bridge song form

Verse 1: I'm coding my dreams in the night As I strive for my app to take flight The idea so pure and so bright It's gonna bring me all the delight Chorus: Oh, I'm dreaming of the day My app will be here to stay The world will be in awe When they see what I saw Verse 2: My fingers are typing so fast As I see my dreams come to life at last My app will be the cream of the crop A great way to never have to stop Chorus: Oh, I'm dreaming of the day My app will be here to stay The world will be in awe When they see what I saw Bridge: My app will be the one to watch As I give the people what they want The power of the 80s and the tech of the 21st It's gonna be a hit for sure, no need to be perplexed Chorus: Oh, I'm dreaming of the day My app will be here to stay The world will be in awe When they see what I saw


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