AlphaSmart 3000

AlphaSmart 3000

A few years back, I picked up an AlphaSmart 3000 to try and do some writing without the distraction of an entire computer.

Since then, I've used it a handful of times, but never really got in the habit. I think I'd like to change that, though, because there's something really satisfying about the thought of typing up a post for this blog on a device with no internet connection, no apps, and no alerts.

Hell, the thing doesn't even have a screen in the sense we normally mean it. It's just a keyboard with a standard, non-backlit, black on green LCD display.

Oh, and the entire device is also encased in a transparent green plastic, which really scratches my nostalgia itch for 90's aesthetics.

Speaking of the 90's, back in 1998, in the 6th grade, I broke my right wrist snowboarding (possibly the last time I ever went) and had to spend the remainder of the school year in a cast.

Considering the fact that I am right-handed, and they casted my wrist at a 90 degree angle, I couldn't hold a pencil or write, which meant that I couldn't actually do any school work.

To help, my teacher requisitioned an AlphaSmart 2000 device for me to type my assignments out on in class. Combined with having to do my homework on the family Compaq Presario at home, I have a feeling that breaking my wrist ended up being a major contributing factor to my love of computing.

Talk about the butterfly effect.


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