Splitting Personalities

Over the weekend, I helped my wife get her new website set up for her wellness coaching business. She is graduating with her Associate of Science in Integrative Health next month, and the group events she's been running have been missing an online presence that she can direct people to afterwards.

Most people know this by now, but I have been a freelance technical writer for just under 10 years, and while I've really enjoyed the work, I haven't done an exceptional job with the whole "branding" aspect of it. My personal website—this website—reflects my own personality, but it doesn't exactly scream "give me your money for words!"

So I decided to follow her lead and separate my "professional" brand identity from my "personal" one.

This new website is a little less "IndieWeb," and a little more "Corporate" (with a touch of personality to stand out). That means a bigger emphasis on things like SEO, site design, modern browsers, graphics, analytics, and all of the other things that are typically the mark of a freelancer's website.

The hope is that it will allow me to continue to be "myself" here, while creating a more appropriate outlet for marketing and selling the freelance work that I truly enjoy doing.

So, if you or your company are in need of documentation, tutorials, e-books, or other in-depth technical content—or if you are just interested in seeing how the site came together over the weekend—I would love it if you would check it out at zacharyflower.com.


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