I used to keep my projects on the homepage, but I realized that the lack of real estate was keeping me from engaging with the list very much. So, welcome to my new Projects page!

Here you'll find a list of things I've made, contributed to, or otherwise been actively involved with. For some godawful reason, I decided to lean into alliteration, so the current categories are Code, Collections, and Communities. I'm sure I'll have to break that mold at some point (what the hell am I going to do if I ever create a podcast?), but for now, it's what you get.


I've written a ton of code over the years, although not all of it has been made public. Here are a few of the projects that have survived, however I make no guarantees about their current state of maintenance.


I love lists. I don't publish enough of them, but I love them nonetheless. Here are a few that I'm particularly fond of.

  • open source supporters an awesome list of companies that support open source projects
  • windows xp a curated list of resources for running windows xp in $current_date

Communities Community

A list of communities I've.... who am I kidding? I've only ever created one community, so more like a monad of community. One. One community. Singular.