Enter The Gopherverse

Anyone remember Gopher? It was an old alternative to the World Wide Web that was largely text-based (see: awesome). Over the last few years, computerists (computerers?) more adventurous than myself have been flocking back to Gopher in droves—relatively speaking. I think that most people can agree that the World Wide Web as we know it today is largely a toxic, irredeemable wasteland that—by all objective measurements—was a tragic mistake!

Sorry, laying it on a little thick there, I know; but my point still stands. The modern web isn't the wild west that it used to be, and many people miss that. "Too much noise, not enough signal," and all that jazz. Many people (myself included) have been embracing The Smol Web™, preferring to avoid the big sites altogether and using the web the way we used to a few decades ago.

But, for the people where The Smol Web™ is still too much, there is Gopher (and it's younger, hipper cousin Gemini, but that's a story for another day). A long-time fan of Ye Olde Shit, I've been tossing around the idea of jumping into the Gopherverse (Gopherspace?) for a while now, but didn't just want to port my blog over and be done with it; so I've put it off... until now!

After way too much hand-wringing over doing my gopherhole justice, I've finally decided to set one up. While I may cross-post articles on both my website and gopherhole from time to time, the two will largely be kept as separate entities. While the content of this site will remain consistent (or inconsistent, depending on how you look at it), I'll be using my gopherhole to chat about said Ye Olde Shit a bit more. Whether it's old protocols, or obsolete technology, Gopher feels like a natural home for it.

So, if you've got a Gopher client (lynx is a solid choice), come take a look sometime.



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