Default Apps

Inspired first by Andreas, and then Dustin, and finally Kev, I thought I would kick off my #100DaysToOffload series by jumping on a bandwagon. I've always like cataloging the things I use, but keeping that list up to date is something I'm less consistent with (besides my reading list, that habit is rock solid), so I like the idea of a one-time post that snapshots the apps and services I default to using at the current moment.

Without further ado:

While I'm posting this list with neither explanation nor justification, one thing that became obvious to me when compiling it is just how flexible I'm willing to be when it comes to default applications. I consistently use all three major operating system flavors, whatever default email client is available on the device I'm using, and every cloud storage provider there is (for various reasons).

So, if it looks like I've omitted something, then it's only because I simply don't have a default choice. Read into that what you will.


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