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Well, I said I'd figure it out, and I did.

A while back, I decommissioned my gopherhole (gross) because there was just enough overhead to managing it that I didn't want to deal with it anymore—I had a pretty janky Jekyll setup that was more like a monorepo containing two Jekyll blogs instead of just one that creates two different build directories.

Thanks to some insane Jekyll plugin magic—and a little help from GitHub Copilot—I now have one Jekyll instance that I can use to build both a webbed site and a gopherhole.

A gopherhole that has been partially revived from the cremains of the previous one, phlogroll and all.

I don't feel like doing the writeup on how I accomplished this, quite yet (it's still pretty wonky, but the writing and deployment part is significantly simplified, meaning I'm more likely to actually write for my new phlog), but suffice it to say it is pretty cool, and I am very excited.

If you are on The Gopherverse, feel free to check it out at gopher://flower.codes.


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