Default Apps — June 2024

It's been a little over seven months since I followed a trend and published my default apps, and in that time a few things have changed, so I thought I'd post a quick update:

While I marked anything new with an asterisk, it's worth calling out the most notable changes:

  • I've dropped Notion as my default notes application, and moved entirely to Obsidian
  • I added Habitica as my preferred habit tracker (although I am trying to move to pen-and-paper... so far it's not going as well as Habitica)
  • I ditched FreshRSS for the much simpler Miniflux (and noted my preferred Android client)
  • I've moved back to Snipd for podcasts (at least until my subscription expires and I re-evaluate the cost)
  • I swapped Wallabag out for Pocket (after realizing that my "read it later" workflow is too ad hoc to justify self-hosting)
  • I added my preferred Android launcher, since I've settled on it fairly confidently at this point

Over time I'm sure these choices will continue to change, but I'll try to make sure they are sticky before I update them (i.e. I switched from Brave to Firefox for a few months, but ended up switching back for reasons).


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