Remember the old web? The personal, messy, unique internet of yore, where Geocities ruled and everyone had their own website where they shared the things they are most passionate about? If you know me, then you know that I deeply miss the time when there was a lot more signal, and a lot less noise. When five companies didn't account for 90% of the traffic on the internet, and discovery felt like following a treasure map, rather than being spoon-fed a never-ending diet of processed food.

Well, consider this my own treasure map. It's a place for me to share the places on the internet that I find personally interesting. It's a bit small, right now (give it time, my memory isn't what it used to be) but I intend to update it often as I continue down the path of rekindling the delight this magical, ephemeral network used to bring me.

Personal Websites

  • ~dustin the site that directly inspired my library page
  • ~parimal a tribute to the creative web of the 90s
  • ~manu great writer, thought-provoking content
  • ~eric retro computing overload
  • ~nikita a personal wiki to get completely lost in