Posts about #life

I've held off on adding tags to my posts for a very long time, but I've recently enjoyed browsing via tags on some other blogs I follow (specifically Rob Knight's). So, I've decided to follow suit and add some tags to my own posts.

I did my best to add tags to most of my (recent) archive (with some help from GitHub Copilot), but if I'm being honest I didn't try all that hard, so I'm sure I missed one or two (or twelve). Tags will be more accurate moving forward, I promise, and I'll work on updating the old posts as I have time.

Fun Fact™: Jekyll's native tagging system is mediocre (at best). As far as I can tell, it doesn't actually offer a way to browse posts by tag, so I hacked something together here (I supposed I could have used categories, but that felt semantically incorrect, so a-hacking I went).

Anyway, here's a list of posts that are about #life. Enjoy!