I’ve done a lot of writing over the years, some good, some bad. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it is what I’ve decided to keep around—for now.

As of this writing, it spans ten years. I hope the last decade shows some growth.

2020-12-14 |get a typewriter. write a friend.
2020-06-01 |5 git aliases i can’t live without
2020-05-29 |[techtarget] fix spaghetti code and other pasta-theory antipatterns
2020-05-15 |an introduction to vagrant aliases
2020-05-04 |4 tired developer debates that need to just die already
2020-04-16 |write clean php code (or “else”)
2020-04-10 |lazy, stupid, and mean: the art of writing defensive documentation
2020-02-05 |writing a damn good readme file
2020-01-30 |host your own internet radio station
2020-01-15 |# always be commenting
2019-11-08 |never install a thing again (except docker)
2019-01-24 |[automox] putting the “code” in configuration management
2019-01-14 |[automox] the life and times of configuration management: a brief history
2018-12-13 |[automox] soft(there): dealing with deprecations
2018-11-23 |[automox] soft(where): where does software come from?
2018-10-23 |[automox] trust, but verify
2018-10-11 |[automox] the ins-and-outs of package management
2018-09-27 |[automox] the linux (r)evolution
2018-09-13 |[automox] apple, updates, and you
2018-08-12 |[automox] everything you ever wanted to know about microsoft windows updates
2018-03-09 |introducing eloquent interactions: a command pattern implementation for laravel
2017-11-16 |magento on vagrant: lessons learned
2017-09-28 |[the mud coders guild] beyond the ban: creatively enforcing rules without losing players
2017-02-27 |(updated) speeding up the craft cms admin dashboard
2016-11-04 |why we review
2016-09-08 |good code is subjective, documentation is not
2016-07-14 |messing with the github contribution graph
2016-07-12 |mime type validation sucks
2016-07-11 |connecting to a postgresql database in vagrant with psequel
2016-07-07 |the rise and fall of the free lance
2016-07-03 |convenience is making me lazy and poor
2016-06-28 |setting up cloudflare ssl for laravel on heroku
2016-06-24 |how (and why) to perform a project audit
2016-06-04 |i'm not a writer, and so can you!
2014-09-22 |how to force installation of vagrant plugins
2014-08-07 |running codeigniter controllers in the command line
2014-06-13 |php queue and stack implementations
2014-06-12 |a linked list implementation in php
2013-04-28 |my two favorite git aliases
2011-12-09 |anonymize your curl requests using tor